Falling Rock Rules

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Each release is offered along with flavor cards and updated rules cards related to that specific episode. Unless special play to only a specific episode is desired, all rules listed here should be considered the final and corrected versions.

Edges, Hindrances and other Keywords

Some dudes have spent years perfecting their professional skills, their tricks, or simply letting their vices get the better of them. Some also have inherent loyalty to a cause. Those dudes have traits to represent these specific abilities or flaws. Among these traits are Drunkard, Sawbones, Harlot, Academic, Shyster, Bounty Hunter, Voodooist, Nemesis, and Marksman.
Obviously, some cards can specifically affect these dudes, either giving them a boost specific to their skill, or conversely taking advantage of their weakness.

DT:R Dude Keywords

Some dudes from the official release cycle work best with Falling Rock keywords. These errata have been corrected in dtdb.fr's database but not nessecarily on card/image text. If you decide to use these cards in a Falling Rock deck, the easiest and cheapest way to deal with this is to sleeve your deck and write a reminder in fine-tipped permanant ink (which can be erased with dry erase marker) on the card's sleeve.
The following cards (including experienced versions) are considered to have the additional keywords when playing Falling Rock:
  • Drunkard: Prescott Utter, Clyde Owens, Arnold McCadish
  • Shyster: Androcles Brocklehurst, Rafi Hamid, Slade Lighbody, Wilber Crawley, Jake Smiley, Lane Healey, Makaio Kaleo, Esq., Elmore Rhine, Harry Highbinder
  • Marksman: Lane Healey, Steven Wiles, Angélica Espinosa
  • Sawbones: Dr. Emanuel Ashbel, Louis Pasteur
  • Academic: Dr. Arden Gillman, Valeria Batten, Louis Pasteur

    Additional Factions

  • The Children of the True Light were among the first to arrive and they seem to believe that whatever fell from the sky was sent to them by God.
  • The Occultists, a secret society of the most loyal subjects of the Queen, have been here to restore the Crown's dominion over America.
  • The Sacramento Mutual Trust, Falling Rock's most influential bank, has had many gunslingers and shysters sent from the home office and it is assumed they are getting ready for something significant.
  • There have been reports of injuns with very different attire. The Sioux Union is lookin' to cause trouble they say.
  • Long thought to be a myth, the Falling Rock Fearmongers appear on the night of Samhain. These pumpkin horrors will try to scare the townsfolk to death. They do not hesitate to use their Scarecrows, planting them in front of deeds to remind people of their eerie presence.
  • Horde of Tepeyollotl, A strange group of savages trickling in from the south with very strange and arcane dark power.
  • Maze Rats, The ways of the east are never far from the emmigrants that sought to leave them. A rival to the Anarchists has shown up to take over town.
  • The Collegium, with all of these strange activities it was only a matter of time before the Mad Scientists and Academics decended on the Falling Rock.
  • The dead of winter brings in the Ice Dwellers. Strange people from the north that bring gifts or take them, and dogonnit do they like it cold!
  • The Whateleys have to be about the strangest family in town. The rumor is they deal with the Fearmongers from both Falling Rock and elsewhere and have a knack for doing evil things with the dead.
  • The Lost Angels fell from Heaven and are trying to mop up things here on Earth.
  • A wise man once said brothel Madams and their Harlots are like sisters, not much comes between them when you cross one. Never more true than if you cross a lady that's a member of The Rose.


    Some cards have an Event ability. This ability always resolves if the card is revealed in a lowball draw hand. It does not resolve any other way. If the card gets aced by the Event, the acing takes place when the draw hand is discarded. These cards have a bloody corner under the value so that you can notice instantly there might be something to resolve.


    Some cards have a Crossfire ability. This ability always resolves if the card is revealed in a shootout draw hand. It does not resolve any other way. If the card gets aced by the Crossfire, the acing takes place when the draw hand is discarded. These cards have the same bloody corner under the value as events so that you can notice instantly there might be something to resolve.


    Some cards have a Mayhem ability. This ability always resolves if the card is revealed in a pull. It does not resolve any other way. These cards have the same bloody corner under the value as cards with Events and Crossfire so that you can notice instantly that there might be something to resolve.

    Stuff of Legends

    Whenever your card with Stuff of Legends gets aced by successfully resolving its ability or any other way, you gain a Legend counter. You can only resolve an ability on a Stuff of Legends if you do not have more Legend counters than any other player. There are several consequences to this rules change:
  • You can attach a Stuff of Legends spell at any time but you can only use it if you do not have more Legend counters than any other player.
  • When your card with Stuff of Legends gets aced by another card effect, it will no longer prevent you from playing another Stuff of Legends card.
  • Removing a Stuff of Legends card from your Boot Hill will not allow you to play it again unless another player has at least as many Legend counters as you have.

    Gadget Deeds

    Gadget deeds are put into play like any other gadget. You must boot one of your Mad Scientists and pull. If successful, you put the deed into play like any other deed, otherwise you discard it.

    Gadget Dudes

    When bringing a Gadget dude into play from your play hand, boot a Mad Scientist and pull like a normal Gadget. If successful, the Gadget dude enters play at your home; otherwise, it is discarded. Gadget dudes tokens enter play directly based on the text of the card that brings them into play.


    Some factions are not fully active in Falling Rock at this point. Yet, their operatives need to continue to further their respective agendas. They are called stranded. When you have stranded dudes in play, you don't have to pay extra upkeep equal to the dude’s influence for out of faction dudes. If a dude has 2 outfit symbols, you can only waive the extra upkeep if both factions are stranded.
    Currently those factions are:
  • The Lost Angels
  • The Gamorra Gazzette


    Scarecrows are a new type of Improvements the Fearmongers use to retain control of Deeds. Scarecrows can be attached to any deed you control even if you do not own it. Each deed may only have one Scarecrow attached. Scarecrows do not add their influence to your total to determine victory. A Scarecrow is discarded if you lose control of the deed it is attached to.


    Some abilities allow you to store cards under your dudes, those cards are said to be Vaulted. The action of putting a card under your outfit is called Vaulting. You can look at your Vaulted cards at any time (but other players can't). Some abilities have the Vaulted keyword, they can only be used when the card is Vaulted under a dude. A dude can have a number of Vaulted cards up to his upkeep with a minimum of 1 for dudes with 0 upkeep. Shysters are greedy and can have an extra Vaulted card. When a card would be Vaulted but there is no space available, it is discarded instead. If a dude is discarded or aced, all his Vaulted cards are discarded.


    Sacrifices are a new type of spell that can be attached to Fanatics. Even though they use a skill check like other spells, they also have an extra cost to pay such as acing cards or booting your outfit.

    Cross-Type Experienced

    When an experienced version of a card is not the same card type, such as Edith, you must be able to meet the restrictions. If Experienced 1 Edith is at a deed you do not control, you can't replace her with her non-Experienced version. However, you do not need to invent her again.

    Confederate & Union

    All Texas Rangers cards (including outfits) are considered to have the Confederate keyword. All Agency cards (including outfits) are considered to have the Union keyword.
    This has been corrected in the dtdb.fr database but is not nessecarily reflected on card/image text.

    Voodooists and Curses

    Voodooists can attach Curses. The Curses can be cast like any other spell type. Each ability on a Curse has, in addition to its difficulty, a Hold value.
    Once a Curse has been successfully cast, the effect lasts until the Curse is unbooted or until a skill check fails.
    During the Sundown phase, the controller of the Curse may choose to keep it booted. If they do so, they add a number of Hold counters on the Curse equal to the Hold value of the ability. They then make a new skill check for that ability where the difficulty is increased by the number of Hold counters on the spell (If the ability has a difficulty of X, the value of X is calculated each time). If successful, the effect continues. Otherwise, the effect ends immediately and the Curse remains booted until the next Sundown where it will automatically unboot (since the Curse is no longer active).
    If the ability is a Shootout ability, a skill check must be made at the end of each round to keep the curse active. The effect ends at the end of the shootout.
    If a card effect would unboot a Curse, its effect ends immediately.
    When a Cures is unbooted, remove all Hold Counters


    Quickdraw is a new subtype of abilities that can be found on any type of card except actions and outfits. The Quickdraw ability on the card may be used as if it was an action card by playing it from your hand. The cost of the Quickdraw is usually 0, not the cost of the card. If the Quickdraw has a specific cost, it is written in the ability. Cards with a Quickdraw ability have bullet holes in the value corner as a visual aid.


    All dudes are considered to have the Mortal keyword unless they have one of these keywords : Abomination, Harrowed, Ancestor, Gadget, and/or Construct.

    Damage Counters

    Whenever a deed with Damage counters would produce ghost rock, instead remove 1 Damage counter from it.


    Abilities with the Grave Keyword can only be used when the card containing the text is in your Boot Hill. As a reminder, cards with a Grave ability have a wooden corner under the value.


    Tricks are a new kind of cards that attach to Marksmen as Goods during Shoppin'. They are not spells. They are used (booted when applicable) during the shootout phase. Any text before "If Successful" happens immediately, regardless of the success of the trick. During resolution when hands are revealed, resolve the Trick by adding your hand rank to the Marksman's bullet rating. If this number is higher than or equal to the difficulty on the Trick then, the text after "If Successful" happens.


    Some dudes are very good at holding grudges, they have the Nemesis keyword associated with one faction symbol (or more).
  • If your outfit bears that symbol, you cannot include that dude in your deck, period.
  • Just like Union and Confederate dudes, you cannot bring a dude with Nemesis into play while you own a dude of that faction in play and vice versa.
  • In a shootout, while there is a dude of that faction in the opposing posse, a dude with Nemesis gets +1 bullets.
  • If a dude of that faction is in play, the dude with the Nemesis keyword has their upkeep reduced by 1.


    Rides are a new type of deeds. They are powered by mystical energies and must be created by a Huckster. When you put a Ride into play, your Huckster must invent it as a Mad Scientist would invent a Gadget deed.

    Tactical Advantage

    A card with the Tactical Advantage keyword can only be played by a player whose outfit symbol matches a symbol on the card. Furthermore, some Tactical Advantage cards can only affect dudes with a specific symbol.